Privacy policy

The legal basis for this privacy policy is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The controller for the processing of any kind of personal data through this app is Sebastian K├╝rten (

This privacy policy applies to our map apps available through Google Play that are financed through banner ads.

As the publisher of this app, we take the protection of your privacy very seriously. Hence we do not process or store any personal data about you. It is also impossible to us, because no data is transmitted from this app to either us, our servers or third parties.

If you activate the location display, the app reads your device's location so that it is able to display it on the map. Depending on your system settings, it will detect your location via GPS, Wifi or GSM with varying accuracy. If you use this functionality, you consent to the processing of this information for the purpose of displaying it on the map. Your location is not transmitted to us or third parties and hence is not processed or stored by us. Your location data is not permanently stored and you can stop processing it at any time by disabling the location display.

This app is financed by showing ad banners from Google. By default these banners display personalized ads. Google processes information stored on your device to accomplish this. You can read about what Google is doing in their Privacy Policy. To protect your privacy, you can configure to show only non-personalized ads in the settings. You can use the app completely without ads by using the premium version, or by purchasing the unlocker app to disable the ad banners.

When you have the unlocker app installed, the previous paragraph about ad banners does not apply because no ads will be used.