Jeography is Java GIS toolkit with a focus on OpenStreetMap data. The main GUI is for browsing the map and performing some geo data related tasks.


osm4j is a lightweight Java library for working with OpenStreetMap data. It provides basic data structures for representing the core OSM data elements and offers input/output modules for the most important file encodings such as XML and PBF. On top of that it makes using the geometry of OSM features easy by providing bindings to JTS and by implementing algorithms for converting OSM objects to geometric data types. A command line utility based on the library is available for performing interesting data manipulation and extraction tasks.


LiveCG is a framework for the visualization of algorithms from Computational Geometry. It can be used an an instructional aid, for self-study and for research. When implementing new algorithms or data structures, the tool can be used to generate high quality visualizations for various purposes such as creating figures for publications or presentations.


Vexterm is a virtual console emulator written in C using the GTK+ framework. It is build around libvexterm, a minimalistic and high-performance C library for console emulation that emulates the behaviour of XTerm.


JTerm is another virtual console emulator writen in Java using Swing and a thin JNI layer. As libvexterm it emulates the behaviour of XTerm.

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